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AssayNet Inc. | Enviromental Analysis
AssayNet Inc. | Enviromental Analysis
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Enviromental Analysis

Regulatory constraints demand an ISO-17025-compliant data system. Production targets require fast, intuitive, responsive programs. AssayNet systems fulfill both of these often conflicting requirements. From routine water quality tests to complex organic separations, our programs will satisfy your most demanding auditor without sacrificing ease-of-use and flexibility.

AssayNet LIMS solutions are the logical choice for:

  • Commercial environmental laboratories
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Environmental research laboratories
  • Federal and provincial environmental testing departments


Fast sample login

Assign different tests to different samples with ease, or login different sample types at the same time. The system supports pre-defined sampling points and sample point test suites, and there is a scheduler for routine samples. Using the web interface, your customers can register samples remotely through a browser interface, and even print their own barcode labels, saving you labor and reducing the potential for sample labeling errors.

Powerful tracking tools

User-defined status codes allow the LIMS to track samples in the way you want, not the way a programmer decided you should. Find your work rapidly, or get instant feedback about work-in-progress with complex saved filters. Our revolutionary Job Book concept stores all analytical data in a readily-accessible and customizable register – so you can view everything in one place, anytime you want.

Automatic worksheet generation

Quality control integration and automatic worksheet generation are just some of the sophisticated tools that allow analysts to spend less time at the keyboard and more time on the bench. QC templates allow you to insert randomized and fixed-position QC samples according to pre-defined rules. Worksheet samples can come from different worklists and different clients, and can even have different sample types.

Flexible results entry

AssayNet LIMS accept many different types of results entry, including numeric and textual values, as well as choosing from pre-defined lists, (e.g. presence / absence tests). In addition, analysts can add comments to individual samples or results. These comments can be free-form or chosen from drop-down lists. They are indexed and can be configured to display on subsequent results screens as well as on customer reports

Calculations made simple

AUsing our intuitive, calculator-style equation editor, users can rapidly define complex, intra- and inter-test formulae, incorporating powerful, conditional logic rules. Examples range from simple analyte totals such as for PCB’s, to complex ionic balance calculations across multiple instruments.

For raw data processing, LIMS2010 systems offer several correction options, all fully user-configurable, including position-based drift and blank correction, and matrix interference corrections for specific analytes

Programmable display-formatting

AssayNet LIMS takes the concept of results display and moves it forward a quantum leap. By linking display precision with analysis limits, the program can dynamically reduce display precision, (i.e. number of significant digits), at lower concentrations. It also adjusts display precision based on analysis inputs such as sample dilution.

Unit scaling allows the LIMS to automatically switch concentration units for high-grade samples. Because the program is fully unit-aware, users can mix units within the same test analyte, or change units quickly and easily at any time.

Finally, the program caters for separate instrumental units and reporting units, integrating unit conversion into the calculation engine. This allows you to create a single equation that works for any combination of instrument and reporting units.

Compliance and Verification

Adverse results can be flagged automatically, with custom alerts providing colored, on-screen and / or email warnings for out-of-compliance samples. Complex, cross-task verification rules promote peace of mind by checking results algorithmically before they are approved. Finally, results approval screens allow users unparalleled flexibility, giving multiple, user-customizable views of the same data, instant QC feedback and much more.

Remote Access

Your customers can login and track their samples through the LIMS web interface, a secure, browser-based add-on for remote access. Clients can download reports in any one of several popular file formats, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel.