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AssayNet Inc. | Products and Services
AssayNet Inc. | Products and Services
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Products and Services



AssayNet’s flagship product is a client/server LIMS built specifically for environmental and minerals laboratories. Robust and highly scalable, the program was written to conform to the ASTM level II specification for LIMS.


AssayNet LIMS contains all the features you would expect in an industrial-strength LIMS. From sample reception, logging and preparation through analysis and reporting, the program has been designed to work the way you do. Its intuitive, menu-driven interface is easy to learn, yet feature rich, providing access to a complete QC program, quotations and invoicing, stock levels and inventories, sample storage and more.


The program is Muliti-LingualĀ in English, Spanish and French. The three languages can run in parallel, using the same data, in one location. This makes AssayNet LIMS an ideal choice for multi-national companies operating in foreign countries


Built-in in the LIMS is a robust and flexible data analysis and charting tool, designed to give chemists immediate feedback about the validity of quality data from an analytical run. The program also allows managers and others responsible for quality to investigate longer-term trends, and assists in the provision and preparation of quality reports.


AssayNet has a broad range of experience designing custom solutions in the following areas:
  • Laboratory data management
  • Enterprise integration
  • Environmental databases for compliance and other monitoring programs.
  • Metallurgical accounting systems for mining and process plants.
  • Project cost management.
Our development team includes skilled database design professionals who combine a thorough knowledge of industry with a passion for creating real-world applications. Our staff have expertise in the following areas:
  • Developing client / server database applications for mineral and environmental laboratories.
  • Relational database design and data modeling.
  • Analytical chemistry and extractive metallurgy.
  • Laboratory management, operation and quality control.
  • Our staff are fluent in English, Spanish and French.
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